Rock Bottom

Hey guys, so this week I was fully prepared to have you read a post about what you need to stop doing before you go to college. You’ll get that eventually and it’s worth the read, I promise. However, this week has been really rough for me so I thought I would tell you what you all need to hear: when you’re hurting, let yourself feel everything so you can grow from it but at some point you need to get your shit together.

    Whenever you feel like you’re at rock bottom find that one person that can get you through anything and will always support you. You know that person, you’re thinking about them right now. They’re the person that pulls you out of the darkness when you can’t climb your way out, they convince you that the world isn’t that messed up, they are the reason you can get through this and anything else that has caused you to suffer. This is unlikely but if you don’t have this kind of person in your life, I’m here for you because I know how important that person can be to changing your life and maybe saving it. So reach out to me if you need me.

    I’ve been disappointed by people my entire life. I’ve been cheated, my time has been wasted, and I’ve watched my mother be emotionally hurt by my father since I was 10. I have experience with disappointment, loneliness, and hopelessness and somehow I always convince myself that everything will work out. If you’re going through a hard time right now you have to believe that it will get better because nothing stays bad forever.

 Excuse my French and my tough love from but honestly you need to get your shit together eventually. Feel all the feels, be broken, be sad but remember that you are strong and powerful and everything happens for a reason. Maybe you don’t want to listen to this right now but this is what you need to hear or you won’t be able to pick yourself up ever again. You will live a lifetime of failure and pain but those experiences are meant for you to learn and grow from them. How are you supposed to appreciate your greatest successes? How are you supposed to progress as a human being? How are you supposed to get stronger without the situations where you feel the weakest? You are not helpless. You are not weak. You are not a failure. You may be broken a little bit but you can be mended or rebuilt. We will heal. We will be okay.

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