Hi babes, I know this blog is mainly used for personal development and it’s incredibly positive but life isn’t always positive and uplifting. I wrote this short story to mirror the dark times in life when it feels like everything is going wrong so that you can be reminded to be there for yourself because you’re the most important person in your life. The world may beat you down but you’ll never be defeated.

The world is crushing her. There is a weight on her shoulders that she doesn’t have the strength to handle. As she’s holding the weight of the world on her shoulders, her support system is throwing rocks at her. She looks at the stones and among the blood on them she reads the words: “disappointment”, “failure”, “hopeless”. She closes her eyes and tries to ignore the betrayal she feels with each stone that is being thrown to her. Tears begin escaping her eyelids because her deepest fear is staring at her face. Through the backs of her eyelids she sees herself become the cynic that she swore she would never become. Her heart has been broken for far too long and there is no way to recover it. It’s becoming stone as her last hopes are being stepped on by the very people she used to believe would never hurt her. Her optimistic thoughts are being overshadowed by society’s bleak point of view. She is fighting so hard to keep that smile on her face and keep those tears in her eyes but she can’t find the light. Where is the sun? Where is the sun? She’s being crushed. She’s drowning in the darkness. It’s consuming her. She can’t pull herself out this time. She doesn’t remember how. She needs help. Why is no one helping her? Oh that’s right…she’s the only one left.

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