8 Walls, 1 Warrior

The world sees Blake as who she wants to be: the beautiful, confident, positive, kind, and smart personality that could save someone with her smile. However, people tend to be intrigued by this personality so they get closer and closer to find the secrets to eternal happiness, as if she has them. Most people don’t get past the first wall, it’s made of hollow steel to make them feel intimidated and it almost always succeeds, except for the few that figure out how to knock it down. The next miles of walls are all created of concrete but have been chipped away from the abuse of being torn down and rebuilt. These concrete walls protect the emotional baggage, depression, anxiety, and insecurities that only those closest to Blake are aware of and will never understand. Past the miles of concrete and rubble, is the most fragile wall that has only been passed by one. The sleek and shiny glass that was once there is now only kept together by tape and glue but is guarded by Blake herself. She is the last line of defense for her most prized possession and she has vowed to never let anyone pass ever again. Behind her is something broken but absolutely mesmerizing. It’s in a similar condition to her glass wall, it has scars and band-aids but it’s still pumping and it’s breathtaking. Once you see her heart behind that glass wall, you understand why she will never let anyone else get to it. Her heart is the reason she is the way she is: broken and beautiful, sorrowful and optimistic, cynical and confident. Her heart has been broken and hurt by society, her partners, her family, her friends and even Blake herself. She lived a carefree life and didn’t love herself the way she should have until the scars on her heart were created. She then became the warrior that would defend her heart against all threats so that she would never get hurt again. She’s vowed to never trust anyone again. She won’t let anyone through even her first wall and… wait…. Do you hear that? It sounds like… It’s someone knocking on hollow steel.

5 thoughts on “8 Walls, 1 Warrior

  1. WOW. I LOV E THIS A LOT. It resonates with me a lot because I’ve been hurt SO SO many times by the people most close to me. There’s something about people (friends, family, whoever) who you’re close with and trust, and if they let you down and hurt you in anyway it hurts so much more than it would if a random person decided to hurt you and let you down.


  2. Great metaphors! I love the progression of walls–steel, concrete, glass. And yet, they aren’t perfectly strong. They’ve been broken, just like she has. The images of the concrete rubble and the taped glass are very powerful. Maybe this time, someone worthy will get through all the ways guarding her heart.


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