Eccentric Nature Trips

  Right now I’m connected to the world. Have you ever realized how beautiful life really is? Of course it’s terrifying but that’s part of the beauty. The failures, the tears, the death, it’s all what makes life so priceless. The sense that everything is temporary is meant to force us to take advantage of the opportunities we’re given. We’ve been conditioned to run and work so that we can live decent lives and then die. But when was the last time you really felt connected to the world? Like really connected so that you were forced to slow down and smell the water in the air or hear the voices in the breeze?

     Right now I’m looking at the night sky and seeing a different side of the universe. The wind is pushing the grey clouds across the sky and making way for the billions of stars shining on the black blanket of space. It’s like I’m alone on top of a mountain as the Earth is talking to me in the best ways she knows how. When was the last time you experienced something like this? Where it’s just you and nature and you’re realizing what’s actually important?

      Right now what’s going through your mind? It’s probably what is this girl talking about? Yeah, I know it’s a little random for you to be reading about my eccentric trip with nature but my point isn’t only that you should take a minute to stop and smell the roses. You have to get in touch with nature and even if you don’t, find something that reignites your sense of purpose. Find something that reminds you why you’re alive and inspires you to keep going. How long have you been running on autopilot? Exactly. Not to put something grim in your mind but if you died tomorrow, would you be happy with your life?

     Right now you have the power to change your life. This isn’t some goody good motivational message. I’m here to tell you to get yourself together. Find the purpose in your life so that it isn’t meaningless. Find the beauty and stop running for a second so that you can see what really matters. You matter and you’ve got this. Okay, go!

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