As I drive down the road, the bright lights of restaurants and stores do their best to taunt me into entering. They have no idea that it’s a lost cause because even though they’re bright, the road is still dark. It’s just me and my Loneliness in the car as I replay the … Continue reading Nothing


     The darkness is devastating. I can see a tiny glimmer of moonlight that creates the silhouette of towering trees as I realize that there’s someone standing across from me. My head starts to ache as I try to understand who I’m looking at and where I am. Is it a girl? I think … Continue reading Lost


Hi babes, I know this blog is mainly used for personal development and it's incredibly positive but life isn't always positive and uplifting. I wrote this short story to mirror the dark times in life when it feels like everything is going wrong so that you can be reminded to be there for yourself because … Continue reading Crushed